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A Summer House at Southampton, Long Island

A Residence at Evanston, Ill.

A Cottage at Mount Vernon, N. Y.

A Cottage at Morgan Park, Ill.

The Barnum Institute of Science and History, Bridgeport, Conn.

A Residence at Portchester, N. Y.

A Residence at Hackensack, N. J.

Otter Cottage, Belle Haven, Conn.

A Cottage of Moderate Cost

A Cottage at Stamford, Conn.

Seasoning Oak

Client's Right of Replicating Design

A Cottage at the Bluffs, Mount Vernon, N. Y.

Shop and Mill Construction

Steel Butt with Ball Bearing Washers

Embossing Wood

Effect of Fire on Concrete

Beautiful Designs in Parquetry Work, Etc.

Waterproof Cellars

Notes and Queries

Sand Papering Machines

Subterranean London

The “Holland” Radiators

The Pullman Sash Balance

The Van Wagoner & Williams Hardware Company

Window Screens and Screen Doors

A Saw Clamp and Filing Guide

An Alloy which Adheres to Glass

Graphite Paint

Maple Flooring


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    May 01, 1894