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Madame Bernhardt Criticises New York

Trees for City Streets

Utility of Beauty

A Plea for the Old-Fashioned Garden

A Florentine Desecration

A Residence at Ludlow-On-The-Hudson, N. Y.

Colonial Architecture

By Henry Rausch

A Colonial Residence at New Haven, Conn.

Flowers and Lawns for Stations

A Residence at Berkeley, Cal.

A Gambrel Roof Residence at Hartford, Conn.

A Residence at Bridgeport, Conn.

The Monumental Fountain of the Library of Congress

A Modern Dwelling at Nutley, N. J.

“Bee Hive,” a Cottage at Hasbrouck Heights, N. J.

A Gate House and Office at Sea Gate, L. I.

Seasoning Woods

A Residence at Sea Gate, L. I.

Fireproofing Extraordinary

A Cottage at Eckington, D. C.

Life of Building Stone

Carlson Hod Elevators

Smoke-Ducts in Ancient Houses

An Improved Four Roll inside Moulding Machine

The McCray Refrigerators

Diamond Wall Cement

A New Machine Carved Moulding

A Simple and Efficient Fire-Escape

The Day of Correspondence Instruction

The Jackson Ventilating Grate

Bommer Spring Hinges


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