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American and English Country Houses Contrasted

The Wood Mantel

Art in the Schoolroom

A Colonial Residence at Prospect Avenue, Hackensack, N. J.

The Town-Hall of Goslar

Municipal Aid in Home Building

A Chevy Chase Cottage

The First Baptist Church, Bridgeport, Conn.

A Model Cottage at Fordham Heights, N. Y.

A Cottage at Sea Gate, Long Island

A Residence at Holyoke, Mass.

A Summer House at Woodmont-On-The-Sound, Conn.

A Pair of Round-Tower Houses at Pelham, Pa.

A House at Nutley, N. J.

A Modern Dwelling at Scranton, Pa.

A New Combined Planer, Matcher, and Molder

Richmond Tubular Furnace, with Steel Plate Radiator

An Adjustable Roofing Bracket

A New Gas-Governor

A Novel Steel Sash-Pulley

An Automatic Blind-Catch

Hardwood Floors

Hartman Blinds

The Cortland-Howe Ventilating Stove

The Kenney “Flushometer”


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    November 01, 1898