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A Residence at Belle Haven, Conn.

A Model House at South Orange, N. J.

A Residence at Holyoke, Mass.

Skeleton Construction Commemoration

Joaquin Miller's Cabin at Meridan Hill, Washington, D. C.

A Modern Dwelling at South Haven, Mich.

Colonial Architecture

A Colonial Residence at Yonkers, N. Y.

A Modern Residence at Scranton, Pa.

An English Villa at Forest Hill, Newark, N. J.

The Schloss-Neuschwanstein in Bavaria

Joints for Cast-Iron Pipes

Polluted Soil and its Dangers

Heaters and Heating Pipes for Greenhouses

Æsthetics in Bridge Design

“Ampelopsis Tricuspidata”

Public Ways and Parks in Silesia

A Stable at Belle Haven, Conn.

Bad Plumbing-Smoke Test Experiences

Weighing of Tall Buildings

A New Foot Power Mortiser

Percolation through Brick and Stone

The Largest Tree in the World

A New Japanese Palace

Shingle Roofs for Russia

Kanneberg Stamped Steel Ceilings

The “Æolipyle”


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