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The Eccentric House

Monthly Comment

Talks with Architects

Messrs. De Lemos & Cordes on the Department Store

Department Store Decorative Art

Gardens for Boys and Girls

A Condensed Bath

A Residence at Plainfield, N. J.

The Garden


The Household

The Oriental Room


Engine House No. 31, New York City, N. Y.

The Boston Fern

Stone and Brick in the House

The Winter Garden

A Residence at Palm Beach, Fla.

Sanitary Decoration

Hanging Papers

Sanitary Floors and Papers

Substitutes for Coal

A Cure for Frozen Gas Pipes

Heating Talk

French Chimneys and Stoves

Sanitation and Cost

A House at Prospect Park South, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Smoke Prevention

The Price of Fuel

Economy in Cooking

A Residence at South Orange, N. J.

Electric Heating and Cooking

What Art Is

House Decoration

Mr. Lewis F. Day on House Decoration

The Kitchen

“Don'ts” for the Gas Range

The Dinsmore Orchid House and Garden

Legal Notes

Contract-Time for Completion


Verbal Contract–Liens

London Regulations

Vienna Regulations

Material Furnished Contractor

Enforcement of Lien

Separate Buildings on Contiguous Lots

A Modern Stable at Elkins, Pa.

A Residence at Elkins, Pa.

Bow Windows

Fire Escapes

New York Regulations

Improvements by Tenant–Landlord's Liability

The Attic Homestead

A Picture of Ancient Greek Domestic Life

A Villa at “Rock Ridge,” Greenwich, Conn.

Improvement in Building Construction

New Building Patents

Publishers' Department

Ruberoid Roofing at the Texas State Fair


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