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Fake Houses

Monthly Comment

Talks with Architects: The Garden at Georgian Court

By Barr Ferree

Garden Weeds

The Household: The Camping “Den”

Piazza Pillows

Residence of Mrs. Nelson Wright, Mt. Prospect Avenue, Newark, N. J.

City Trees

House for Dr E. H. Abbe, Abbey Terrace, New Bedford, Mass.

Rag Rugs and Carpets

The Dining-Room

Residence of J. P. Philips, Esq., Glen Ridge, N. J.

Lights and Lighting: Electric Generator for Lighting Residences

The Mountain Camp

House for A. M. young, Esq., Pine Orchard, Conn.

The Country House

Architects-License Fee

The Houseboat: The Truly Houseboat

A Summer Dinner Table

Legal Notes: Agreement to Purchase Lien

Residence of Col. Heman Dowd, South Orange, N. J.

Allowance for Extra Time

Bath Tubs-Conversion

Alterations-Order from Architect

Breach of Contract

Apportionable Contract

Architect as Superintendent

Furnishings: The Cottage Windows


Residence at St. Davids, Pa.

Curtain Fads

Science in the Kitchen

Gray as a Color

The Kitchen: The Ideal Kitchen

Cabin Wall Coverings

Fuel Savers in Cooking

Crude Sewage Treatment


Heating and Sanitary Installation of a Suburban Winter House

Extinguishing Incipient Fires

Life in Summer Palaces

Still Alarms

Fire Protection: Fires from Electricity

New Building Patents

Asphalt Roofing and Asphalt Paint

Publishers' Department: Hand Power Elevators

Roads in France

New Double Cylinder Planer

Paint for Roofs and Ironwork


Metal Furniture

Reversible Windows


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