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Monthly Comment

The Family and the House

Talks on Architecture

A Morning at Harbor Hill: The Mackay Estate at Roslyn, N. Y

By Barr Ferree

New Suggestions for Baths

White Glass

The Household

The Care of Turkish Rugs

Old Wall Paper Designs

Chinese Table Linen

The Garden

Tree Planting

Living Fences

By Charles F. Holder

A Correction

The Yacht

Floating American Palaces

The Camp

An Adirondack Camp Sewage Disposal Plant

Camp Cooking Outfit

A Residence at Springfield, Mass

A Residence at Flatbush, Brooklyn, N. Y

“Owner”—Notice of Lien

The Iceless Refrigerator

The Flat

The “Vest Pocket” Flat

Repairs for Tenant

Refusal to Give Certificate of Completion

Order on Owner-Acceptance

Opinion of Architect

Material Furnished by Another

Legal Notes

Extra Work

Lack of Consideration

A Summer House at Nantucket, Mass

A Residence at South orange, N. J

“Practicable” as soon as—Construction

A Residence at Montclair, N. J

The Preservation of the Home

The Child Housekeeper

Summer Home of herbert Lucas, Esq., Sound Beach, Conn


Hydrocyanic-Acid Gas in the House

By L. O. Howard

New Books

A Handbook to the Garden


The New Artisanship


New Building Patents

Gas and Electric Light Fixtures

A New Rip Saw

Publishers' Department

The Schapirograph

Recording Instruments

Ruberoid Roofing

Sliding Blinds


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    September 01, 1903

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