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The Style of the House

Monthly Comment

Talks with Artists

Mr. Karl Bitter on the Sculpture for the St. Louis Exposition

By Barr Ferree

A Chinese Dining-Room

A Dwelling at Glenwood, N. Y.

A House at Woodmere, Long Island

Triple Windows

A Stable at Woodmere, Long Island

The Household

Double Duty Furniture

Utility of Double Windows

The Royal Bothy at Frogmore

Fire Protection

Fire Prevention

Mr. James B. Dickson's Garden, Yonkers, N. Y.

The Fires of 1902

Smoke as an Explosive

A Residence at Wynnewood, Pa.

The Garden

Worn-out Soils

Uses of Weeds

Cottage of Charles E. Mitchel, Esq., at East Orange, N. J.

Residence of Dr. J. Allen Osman, at Glen Ridge, N. J.

The Floor

Costly Hardwood Floors

Stable Lore

Modern Stable Fittings

Delivery and Acceptance

The Closed House

Damage for Delay

Residence of Mrs. M. E. Smith, at Prospect Park South, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Wall Paper Contract


The Decoration of Ceilings

Legal Notes

Substantial Performance-Deductions

Time for Completion

Defense to Lien

Delay in Completion–Fault of Owner

Modern Domestic Art

Cartage of Lumber

Delay.–Computation Including Sundays

New Books

Modern Civic Art

The London Town House: Old and New

Moth Balls

New Building Patents

Residence of Albert J. Drayton, Esq., Jersey City, N. J.

Voltmeters, Ammeters, and Volt-Ammeters

Lightning Conductors, Weather Vanes, Etc.

Publishers' Department

Heating Apparatus

Steel Rolling Doors and Shutters


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