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The Quest to Find Consciousness

By studying the brain's physical processes, scientists are seeking clues about how the subjective inner life of the mind arises

By Gerard Roth

Television Addiction Is No Mere Metaphor

Understanding how closely compulsive TV viewing resembles other forms of addiction may help couch potatoes control their habit.

By Robert Kubey and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Sussing Out Stress

Chronic stress makes people sick. But how? And how might we prevent those ill effects?

By Hermann Englert

Music in Your Head

Listening to music involves not only hearing but also visual, tactile and emotional experiences. Each of us processes music in different regions of the brain

By Eckart O. Altenmüller

Memories of a Fly

Tiny and ubiquitous, the fruit fly is a helpful model for the study of memory

By Raphaël Hitier, Florian Petit and Thomas Préat and Florian Petit

Islands of Genius

Artistic brilliance and a dazzling memory can sometimes accompany autism and other developmental disorders

By Darold A. Treffert and Gregory L. Wallace

Humbled by History

Over the centuries, many "proven" ideas about the brain were later found lacking, a lesson worth remembering today

By Robert-Benjamin Illing

Fear Not

Anxieties can be strongly etched into the brain. But don't worry--researchers may find ways to erase them

By Rüdiger Vaas

Does Free Will Arise Freely?

How consciousness is produced influences such issues as when we can regard fetuses as individuals and whether courts can hold us accountable for our actions

By Michael Pauen


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