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Fact or Phrenology?

The growing controversy over fMRI scans is forcing us to confront whether brain equals mind

By David Dobbs

Strangely Familiar

Researchers are starting to pin down what déjà vu is and why it arises. But have you read this already? Maybe you just can't remember

By Uwe Wolfradt

Alien Friends

For people with Capgras syndrome, loved ones have been taken over by body doubles. Their experience teaches us that feelings are integral to perception

By Thomas Grüter and Ulrich Kraft

The Will to Win

More and more athletes are engaging in mental workouts to give themselves that extra edge

By Steve J. Ayan

Right Brain May Be Wrong

Classical neuroscience holds that the brain's right hemisphere processes the emotions behind faces and voices, while the left hemisphere handles the facts involved. Or not

By Steve J. Ayan


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April 2005

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