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Natural-Born Liars

Why do we lie, and why are we so good at it? Because it works

By David Livingstone Smith

A Great Attraction

Magnetically stimulating the brain could lift depression and perhaps even boost creativity, but questions remain

By Hubertus Breuer

Head Attack

You're late, the traffic is a nightmare and you're yelling at the kids to stop fighting in the back. Is your mental stress putting you at greater risk for a heart attack?

By Michael Feld and Johann Caspar Rüegg

Buy This

Companies spend billions on marketing campaigns, but neuroscientists could someday determine which ads best capture consumers' attention

By Annette Schäfer

Signing Gets a Scientific Voice

Sign language is as rich and complex as spoken communication, probably because the brain creates and deciphers it in the same way

By Jens Lubbadeh


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