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Picture This

How does the brain create images in our minds?

By Thomas Grueter

Do Animals Have Feelings?

Animal lovers insist their fellow creatures experience joy, sympathy, fear and grief, but scientifically, it is hard to say

By Klaus Wilhelm

Combating Stress in Iraq

Psychologists on the battlefield are helping soldiers stay mentally fit during long and frightful tours of duty

By Bret A. Moore and Greg M. Reger

Science Probes Spirituality

What happens in the brain to create a sense of peace during meditation? And could drugs tap those mechanisms without us focusing inward for hours?

By Jamie Talan

Mastery of Emotions

Joseph E. LeDoux discovered how fear arises. Now he is showing that the biology of emotions is what gives life meaning

By David Dobbs

Do Gays Have a Choice?

Science offers a clear and surprising answer to a controversial question

By Robert Epstein

Train Your Brain

Mental exercises with neurofeedback may ease symptoms of attention-deficit disorder, epilepsy and depression--and even boost cognition in healthy brains

By Ulrich Kraft

Mindful of Symbols

On the way to learning that one thing can represent another, young children often conflate the real item and its symbol. These errors show how difficult it is to start thinking symbolically...

By Judy S. DeLoache

One Person, One Neuron?

Nerve cells devoted to recognizing Halle Berry or Bill Clinton? Absurd. That's what most neuroscientists thought—until recently

By Katja Gaschler


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