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A Revealing Reflection

Mirror neurons are providing stunning insights into everything from how we learn to walk to how we empathize with others

By David Dobbs

Freud Returns

Neuroscientists are finding that their biological descriptions of the brain may fit together best when integrated by psychological theories that Freud sketched a century ago

By Mark Solms


Freud returns? Like a bad dream.

By J. Allan Hobson

Neurotic about Neurons

Freud's theories sprang directly from neuroscience, until he began interrogating sexually frustrated women

By Steve Ayan

Psychotherapy on Trial

Empirically supported therapies seek to bring the power of research-proven techniques to the therapist's office. So why are they controversial?

By Hal Arkowitz and Scott O. Lilienfeld

Bird Brains? Hardly

Parrots demonstrate impressive cognitive feats that rival the talents of chimps and dolphins

By Christine Scholtyssek

Staying Sober

Better understanding of how alcohol alters brain chemistry reveals mechanisms for beating dependency

By Andreas Heinz

Hunting for Answers

A single mutation casts the death sentence of Huntington's disease. Researchers are pinning down how that mutation ruins neurons--knowledge that may suggest therapies

By Juergen Andrich and Joerg T. Epplen

Electric Thoughts?

The latest computer designs draw inspiration from human neural networks. But will machines ever really think?

By Yvonne Raley


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