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Beyond the Neuron Doctrine

New experiments are settling a century-long debate between two camps over how neurons communicate. The surprise: both sides are right

By R. Douglas Fields

Burned Out

Your job is extremely fulfilling. It is also extremely demanding--and you feel overwhelmed. You are not alone

By Ulrich Kraft

Crossing the Barrier

To treat neurological illnesses, researchers are learning how to smuggle drugs past the shield that guards the brain against infection

By Grit Vollmer

Inside the Mind of a Savant

Kim Peek--the inspiration for Rain Main --possesses one of the most extraordinary memories ever recorded. Until we can explain his abilities, we cannot pretend to understand human cognition...

By Darold A. Treffert and Daniel D. Christensen

Bitter Could Be Better

New additives might fool the brain into thinking that bitter foods and medicines do not really taste that bad

By Stefanie Reinberger

Controlling Epilepsy

One woman's journey through diagnosis and treatment shows how far we have come in using surgery to defuse seizures

By Christian Hoppe

My Date with a Robot

Japanese researcher Hiroshi Ishiguro has created the world's most attractive android. But is she ready for dating?

By Robert Epstein


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