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Diversity at Work

"Diversity" in employee teams does not always equal superior performance

By Elizabeth Mannix and Margaret A. Neale

Should We Operate?

How a brain surgeon assesses the risk of a procedure, and informs her patient about it, can be as tricky as the surgery itself

By Katrina Firlik

Coming to Attention

How the brain decides what to focus conscious attention on

By Andreas K. Engel, Stefan Debener and Cornelia Kranczioch, Stefan Debener and Cornelia Kranczioch

Violent Pride

Do people turn violent because of self-hate or self-love?

By Roy F. Baumeister

Natural High

The brain produces its own "marijuana-like" chemicals to protect neurons, and researchers hope to exploit these compounds to ease anxiety, obesity and addiction

By Ulrich Kraft

Feeling Faint

Keeling over at the sight of blood or from standing still too long may be a lifesaving mechanism

By Rolf R. Diehl

Rise of the Modern Mind

By marrying psychology with archaeology, scientists are unearthing how thought evolved

By Cameron McPherson Smith


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