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Gestures Offer Insight

Hand and arm movements do much more than accent words; they provide context for understanding

By Ipke Wachsmuth

A Look Tells All

A person's face will always reveal his true feelings—if, like Paul Ekman, you are quick enough to recognize microexpressions

By Siri Schubert

Exposing Lies

Inventors claim that new technologies can ferret out fibbers, but it is unclear what the gear actually reveals

By Thomas Metzinger

The Eureka Moment

We've all had sudden, smart insights. How do they arise? And is there a way we can conjure them up at any time?

By Guenther Knoblich and Michael Oellinger

Can We Talk?

Dogs understand "fetch" and "leash," whereas apes can combine hand-signed words into short sentences. So what special skill did humans bring to the language game?

By Annette Lessmoellmann

Verbal Bottleneck

People who stutter sometimes suffer from mistaken notions about their intelligence or emotional balance, but the problem is the neurophysiological process of speaking itself

By Katrin Neumann

The Electrical Brain

Most nerve cells use messenger chemicals to communicate. Now science is learning more about the brain's rarer, lightning-fast electrical signaling

By Rolf Dermietzel

When the Nose Doesn't Know

Loss of smell can be distressing and is associated with disorders such as depression. Smell training may help recover the sense

By Eleonore von Bothmer

Detecting Autism Early

New techniques could diagnose autism in babies, enabling more effective treatment while the brain is most malleable

By Ulrich Kraft

Don't Count on It

A small Amazon tribe, the Pirahã, have no number system. Is the reason neurological--they cannot count--or psychosocial--they just do not want to? An interview with Daniel L. Everett...

By Annette Lessmoellmann


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