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The Violent Brain

Violent behavior never erupts from a single cause. Rather it appears to result from a complex web of related factors, some genetic and others environmental

By Daniel Strueber, Monika Lueck and Gerhard Roth, Monica Lueck and Gerhard Roth

Brain Scans Go Legal

Courts are beginning to allow brain images as evidence, but current technology is nowhere near trustworthy enough to determine or absolve guilt

By Scott T. Grafton, Walter P. Sinnott-Armstrong, Suzanne I. Gazzaniga and Michael S. Gazzaniga, Walter P. Sinnott-Armstrong, Suzanne I. Gazzaniga and Michael S. Gazzaniga

The Madness of Migraine

One in every 10 Americans suffers from migraines. In recent years, doctors have discovered more about how these nasty headaches occur--and how to dull the pain

By Felicitas Witte

Why Do We Cry?

Other animals howl when they are in distress, but only humans weep tears of sorrow—or joy

By Chip Walter

It Takes Two to...

Even the most mundane tasks people perform together require them to coordinate their efforts. Recently researchers have started to ask exactly how we cooperate

By Natalie Sebanz

Is the Teen Brain Too Rational?

With the decision-making areas of their brains still developing, teenagers show poor judgment in risky situations. Thinking less logically may be the answer

By Valerie F. Reyna and Frank Farley

Juicing the Brain

Research to limit mental fatigue among soldiers may foster controversial ways to enhance any person's brain

By Jonathan D. Moreno

Hearing Voices

Not only schizophrenics experience auditory hallucinations. Many people who are not mentally ill sometimes hear claps, whistles, buzzing, voices or even music in their heads

By Bettina Thraenhardt


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