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Listening with Your Eyes

To perceive the world as a whole, our five senses have to team up in the brain—and in some cases, they actually seem to fuse with one another

By Christoph Kayser

Through a Glass, Darkly

A distorted body image is symptomatic of nearly all eating disorders. Correcting this mental reflection can help sufferers recover

By Christian Eggers and Verena Liebers

Addicted to Food?

What drives people, against their better judgment, to eat more food than they need? Scientists look to the brain for answers

By Oliver Grimm

The Pain Gate

A rare disorder brings insights into the nature of pain

By David Dobbs

The Myth of the Teen Brain

We blame teen turmoilon immature brains. But did the brains cause the turmoil, or did the turmoil shape the brains?

By Robert Epstein

Chips in Your Head

Damaged or diseased brains could soon get a boost from implanted prosthetics

By Frank W. Ohl and Henning Scheich

Lithium's Healing Power

For half a century, lithium salts have saved thousands from the potentially lethal grip of bipolar disorder. Surprising new findings now hint that these salts may also offer hope as treatments for neurological ailments from Alzheimer's disease to stroke...

By Jochen Paulus

A Personal Obsession

What drives stalkers to pursue their victims?

By Isabel Wondrak and Jens Hoffmann


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