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Good News about Depression

A surprising discovery could lead to faster-acting and highly effective drugs to treat this devastating disorder

By Walter Brown

The Matrix in Your Head

The discovery of place-tracking neurons called grid cells, our experts say, "changes everything"

By James J. Knierim

Seeing the Person in the Patient

Theodore Millon promoted the view that a patient is not just a collection of symptoms but a unique individual who needs tailored care

By Siri Schubert

The Science of Team Success

A growing body of research shows that groups can systematically enhance their performance

By Steve W. J. Kozlowski and Daniel R. Ilgen

Rhythm and Blues

Abnormal sleeping patterns characterize an array of neuropsychiatric diseases, but resetting the body's clock may alleviate some symptoms

By Ulrich Kraft

Programmed for Speech

Studies of genes in people and songbirds are providing clues about how and when the remarkable human talent for speech arose

By Sebastian Haesler

Therapeutic Reflection

So-called mirror neurons in the brain mimic other people's movements and help stroke victims regain lost abilities

By Giovanni Buccino and Ferdinand Binkofski


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