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The New Psychology of Leadership

Recent research in psychology points to secrets of effective leadership that radically challenge conventional wisdom

By Stephen D. Reicher, Michael J. Platow and S. Alexander Haslam

When Words Decide

Researchers are discovering the myriad ways in which language can have a profound effect on the choices we make--from the foods we eat to the laws we support

By Barry Schwartz

Where Mind and Body Meet

Conscious physical sensation and conscious emotional awareness come together in the right frontal insula

By Matthew Blakeslee and Sandra Blakeslee

Is Greed Good?

Economists are finding that social concerns often trump selfishness in financial decision making, a view that helps to explain why tens of millions of people send money to strangers they find on the Internet...

By Christoph Uhlhaas

Forgetting Faces

They do not recognize friends or family members or even themselves in a mirror. Researchers have recently discovered that an astounding 2 to 3 percent of the population may be effectively blind to faces...

By Thomas Grueter

Why We Quit

In the U.S., more students drop out of college than graduate--yet six out of every 10 jobs require a postsecondary education. What causes so many students to squander their future?

By Yvonne Raley


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