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Solving the IQ Puzzle

The 20th century saw the "Flynn effect"—massive gains in IQ from one generation to another. Now Flynn explains why

By James R. Flynn

Eric Kandel: From Mind to Brain and Back Again

Awarded the Nobel Prize for work 40 years ago that revealed memory's most basic mechanisms, this psychiatrist-turned-neuroscientist is still working his discipline's cutting edge

By David Dobbs

Searching for God in the Brain

Researchers are unearthing the roots of religious feeling in the neural commotion that accompanies the spiritual epiphanies of nuns, Buddhists and other people of faith

By David Biello

Brain Stains

Traumatic therapies can have long-lasting effects on mental health

By Scott O. Lilienfeld and Kelly Lambert

Skewed Vision

Seeing things clearly, new evidence suggests, may be even harder than we thought

By Susana Martinez-Conde

Brain Food

Food fuels the mind as well as the body. Paying attention to what—and when—we eat can maximize our mental prowess

By Ingrid Kiefer

Feeding the Psyche

Why do we crave chips or chocolate when we are upset or anxious? Scientists are explaining the myriad connections between food and mood

By Michael Macht

Fantasy Therapy

Steeping patients in computer-created virtual worlds can help heal a multitude of psychiatric ills, including phobias, eating disorders and implacable pain

By Nikolas Westerhoff

Tracking a Finer Madness

Many believers in psychic phenomena are also inventive-a fact that may help bridge the gap between creative genius and clinical insanity

By Peter Brugger


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