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A Face in the Crowd

Is our remarkable ability to recognize human faces hardwired in the brain or a result of lots of practice?

By Nina Bublitz

How Stereotyping Yourself Contributes to Your Success (or Failure)

People's performance on intellectual and athletic tasks is shaped by awareness of stereotypes about the groups to which they belong. New research explains why— and how we can break free from the expectations of others

By S. Alexander Haslam, Jessica Salvatore, Thomas Kessler and Stephen D. Reicher

Imagined Ugliness

Some people are convinced that they are hideously deformed because of an obscure or nonexistent physical "flaw"

By Susanne Rytina

Subconscious Sight

People with "blindsight" can correctly deduce the visual features of objects they cannot see. Such visual intuition can even exceed what is possible with normal vision

By Susana Martinez-Conde


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