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How Football Destroys the Brain

The rise of chronic traumatic encephalopathy among some athletes suggests that repeated blows to the head may trigger the brain's unraveling

By Jacqueline C. Tanaka and Gregg B. Wells

A Safe Way to Tackle?

Heads Up—a much hyped new approach to tackling—seeks to avoid the most ferocious helmet-to-helmet collisions of football

By Larry Greenemeier

New Therapies Take Early Aim at Autism

By spotting signs of this developmental disorder in young toddlers, parents and therapists may be able to target a child's deficits before they become debilitating

By Luciana Gravotta

Distractions Lower Our IQs [Excerpt]

A preoccupation with scarcity diminishes IQ and self-control. Simple measures can help us counteract this cognitive tax

By Sendhil Mullainathan and Eldar Shafir

Adults Can Have ADHD, Too

Newly recognized, adult ADHD threatens the success and well-being of 4 percent of adults. A combination of treatments can help the afflicted lead a more productive life

By Tim Bilkey, Craig Surman and Karen Weintraub


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