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When Power Turns Toxic
Behavior & Society

When Power Turns Toxic

Success changes how people think and act—often, but not always, for the worse 

By Theodor Schaarschmidt
Can Anything Stop My Migraine?

Can Anything Stop My Migraine?

After a long drought, neuroscientists are readying a host of new treatments both to knock out the debilitating headaches and prevent them in the first place 

By R. Allan Purdy and David W. Dodick
The Self-Compassion Solution
Behavior & Society

The Self-Compassion Solution

Building on a Buddhist principle, psychologists are learning how being kind to yourself can bolster resilience, buffer against stress and improve relationships

By Marina Krakovsky
Treating Pain without Pills
Public Health

Treating Pain without Pills

The opioid crisis is forcing doctors to change how they treat chronic pain, putting a new emphasis on nondrug remedies and psychological interventions 

By Stephani Sutherland
Restoring Movement and Hope after Paralysis

Restoring Movement and Hope after Paralysis

One man’s journey to overcome his injury with the help of a cutting-edge brain-machine interface 

By Yudhijit Bhattacharjee
Laughing Matters--and Helps to Explain How Babies Bond
Behavior & Society

Laughing Matters--and Helps to Explain How Babies Bond

An infant’s laughter can reveal not only how babies think but also the serious reasons for this expression of joy 

By Gina C. Mireault


  • From the Editor

    Treating Pain, the Bonds of Laughter and Restoring Mobility

  • Letters

    Readers Respond to "Why Exercise May Be the Best Fit for Depression"

  • Recommended

    New Books on Memes, Mental Time Travel, Manufactured Emotions and Tech Addiction

  • Head Lines

    Older Kids Are More Likely to Confess to Bad Deeds

  • The "Goldilocks" Level of Teen Screen Use

  • The Beauty of "Mini Brains"

  • The Brain Can Distinguish between Real and Fake Laughter

  • Sleep Shrinks the Brain's Synapses to Make Room for New Learning

  • The Science of Funny: Marvelous Mirth

  • Scientists Think They're More Rational Than Other People

  • Some People Suffer from Face Blindness for Other Races

  • In-Person Requests Are More Effective Than Electronic Ones

  • Scientists Are Teaching Robots to Laugh

  • Interviews May Lead Us Astray When Hiring Someone

  • People with This Phobia Suffer from a Fear of Being Laughed at

  • How to Be a Better News Consumer

  • A Long-Running Study Finds People's Characters Don't Remain Fixed

  • Drunk Mice Get the Munchies

  • Conspiracy Theorists May Really Just Be Lonely

  • A New Theory for Why Killer Whales Go Through Menopause

  • Illusions

    Making Impossible Objects with Mirrors

  • Consciousness Redux

    Contacting Stranded Minds

  • Ask the Brains

    Is There a Link between Music and Math?

  • Why Is Synaptic Pruning Important for the Developing Brain?

  • Does the Brain Use More Energy During Particular Activities?

  • Cases

    A Vastly Underdiagnosed Brain Disorder That Brings Frequent Tears

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