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The Art of Lying
Behavior & Society

The Art of Lying

Lying has gotten a bad rap. In fact, it is among the most sophisticated accomplishments of the human mind. But how can one tell if a person is fibbing?

By Theodor Schaarschmidt
Sex, Drugs and Self-Control
Behavior & Society

Sex, Drugs and Self-Control

It's not just about rebellion. Neuroscience is revealing adolescents' rich and nuanced relationship with risky behavior...

By Kerri Smith and Nature magazine
The Bat Man: Neuroscience on the Fly

The Bat Man: Neuroscience on the Fly

How does the brain know where it is? Nachum Ulanovsky hopes his flying friends can help him find the answer

By Alison Abbott and Nature magazine


  • From the Editor

    A Necessary Evil

  • News

    The Despondent Mind: Are Our Brains Wired for Doom and Gloom?

  • Use of "Smart Drugs" on the Rise

  • "Traveling" Brain Waves May Be Critical for Cognition

  • Early Life Experience: It's in Your DNA

  • Opinion

    Yes, Make Psychedelics Legally Available, but Don't Forget the Risks

  • What Your Facebook Network Reveals about How You Use Your Brain

  • Why We Need to Take Pet Loss Seriously

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