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Guardians of the Brain
Mental Health

Guardians of the Brain

The nervous and immune systems are tightly intertwined. Deciphering their chatter might help address many brain disorders and diseases

By Diana Kwon and Nature magazine
Mass Shootings Leave Lasting Psychological Wounds
Mental Health

Mass Shootings Leave Lasting Psychological Wounds

Tragedies such as the ones in Uvalde, Tex., and Buffalo, N.Y., can lead to major depression, PTSD and other lingering mental distress among survivors

By Claudia Wallis


  • From the Editor

    Protect Your Mental Health

  • Forum

    Science Shows How to Protect Kids' Mental Health, but It's Being Ignored

  • Illusions

    Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

  • News

    A Single, Quick 'Mindset' Exercise Protects against Adolescent Stress

  • Suicides among Black People May Be Vastly Undercounted

  • People May Pick Friends Who Smell Like Them

  • Opinion

    When Things Feel Unreal, Is That a Delusion or an Insight?

  • How the Brain Tells Apart Important and Unimportant Sensations

  • Mind Matters

    Why Social Media Makes People Unhappy--And Simple Ways to Fix It

  • How Dominant Leaders Go Wrong

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