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Table of Contents

Strange Life in an Improbable Place

H. William Detrich on December 2014

The Oceanic Life of the Antarctic

Robert Cushman Murphy on September 1962

The Terrestrial Life of the Antarctic

George A. Llano on September 1962

The Ancient Life of the Antarctic

George A. Doumani, William E. Long on September 1962

Fossil Finds Trace the History of Penguins

R. Ewan Fordyce, Daniel T. Ksepka on November 2012


William J. L. Sladen on December 1957

The Navigation of Penguins

John T. Emlen, Richard L. Penney on October 1966

The Antarctic Skua

Carl R. Eklund on February 1964

Antarctic Fishes

Arthur L. DeVries,Joseph T. Eastman on November 1986

The Ice Fish

Johan T. Ruud on November 1965

Antarctic Seals

William S. Bruce on

The Weddell Seal

Gerald L. Kooyman on August 1969

Diving Adaptations of the Weddell Seal

Warren M. Zapol on June 1987

Bacteria in Antarctica

A.L. McLean on

Patents on Ice

Patents on Ice

Gary Stix on May 2004

Bugs in the Ice Sheet

Bugs in the Ice Sheet

Cheryl Katz on May 2012

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