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Table of Contents

Source of the Sun's Heat

March 1857

How Long Has the Sun Shone and How Long Will it Continue to Shine?

March 1862

Note on Sir William Thomson's Arguments for the Age of the Earth

August 1877

New Method of Calculating the Duration of Geological Periods

October 1877

Origin of Solar and Sidereal Heat

Daniel Kirkwood on June 1878

Recent Science

June 1879

Lunar Disturbance of Gravity

January 1882

Earth Tremors

January 1882

Underground Temperature

December 1882

Lord Kelvin on the Age of the Earth

April 1895

The Age of the Earth

F. A. Lindemann on September 1915

The Temperature of the Earth's Interior

Johann Koenigsberger on May 1907

Some Recent Advances in General Geology

August 1901

Halley on the Age of the Ocean

George F. Becker on April 1910

The Age of the Ocean

Frank Wigglesworth Clarke on May 1913

The Birth-Time of the World

J. Joly on January 1915

Sea-Salt and Geologic Time

H. S. Shelton on January 1915

The Age of the Earth

February 1881

How Old is the World?

H. N. Hutchinson on October 1892

Chalk Flints and the Age of the Earth

January 1918

Origin of Radium

July 1904

Changes in the Earth

Robert John Strutt on September 1908

Uranium and Geology

John Joly on November 1908

Underground Temperature and Radium

John Joly on April 1909

Some Cosmical Aspects of Radioactivity

E. Rutherford on May 1909

Radium and Earth History

G. W. Bulman on January 1913

The Length of Geological Epochs

June 1913

Radium and the Evolution of the Earth's Crust

Arthur Holmes on August 1913

The Heavens in June, 1921

Henry Norris Russell on June 1921

How Old Is the Earth?

Alfred C. Lane on February 1930

Radioactivity and Time

P. M. Hurley on August 1949

The Earliest History of the Earth

Derek York on January 1993

The age of the Earth

March 1889

Theory of the Earth

Archibald Geikie on September 1892

Estimates of Geologic Time

Warren Upham on April 1893

The Age of the Earth

May 1895

The Age of the Earth

W. J. Sollas on October 1900

The Age of the Sun and the Earth

Florian Cajori on September 1908

The Age of the Earth

Harlow Shapley on January 1919

How Old is the World?

William Harvey McNairn on April 1919

The Age of the Earth

June 1922

Concerning the Age of the Earth

H. V. Hilker on April 1923

The Age-of-the-Earth Debate

Lawrence Badash on August 1989

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