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Material Remains: The Perpetual Challenge of Garbage

October 2013

How San Francisco Disposes of Its Garbage

October 1898

The Disposal of New York's Refuse

October 1903

The Disposal of a City's Waste

Franz Schneider on July 1912

Cremation in the Household

July 1875

Garbage Disposal and the Harbor Channels

November 1903

A Garbage Crisis

Harry A. Mount on January 1922

Improved Furnace for Burning Garbage

March 1879

Garbage Destructor and Carbonizer

March 1881

Garbage Cremating Furnace

July 1881

The Traveling Garbage Burner of Chicago

December 1893

Kitchen Refuse Readily Disposed of

June 1895

Utilization of the Waste of Cities

March 1881

The Utilization of New York City Garbage

August 1897

Disposal of the Wastes of New York City

August 1897

Running Municipal Trolley Cars with Garbage and Refuse

June 1907

Making Soaps and Munitions from the Garbage Pail, The Liberty Aero Oil Which Meets the Requirements of Aviation, and more

September 1918

Valuable Binder Material from Waste, Giant Crane Lifts its Smaller Brother

George H. Dacy on June 1921

Garbage in Working Clothes

Harry A. Mount on August 1922

How Washington's Garbage Pays Dividends

Nell Ray Clarke on December 1926

Disappearing Act

Tim Beardsley on November 1988

Managing Solid Waste

Philip R. O'Leary, Patrick W. Walsh, Robert K. Ham on December 1988

Dirty Business

Elizabeth Corcoran on September 1989

Plastic Goes Green

Corey S. Powell on August 1990

Garbage in, Gravel out

W. Wayt Gibbs on May 1993

The Greening of Garbage

Marguerite Holloway, Paul Wallich on September 1993

Where, Exactly, Does Your Garbage Go After You Toss It out?

Larry Greenemeier on July 2009

The Power of Garbage

John Pavlus on December 2009

Garbage in, Energy out: Turning Trash into Biofuel

David Biello on August 2011

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