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The Sources of Energy Available to Man

J A Fleming on November 1912

Harnessing Nature?, The Society for Electrical Development and more

April 1913

Energy Sources of the Future

January 1914

The Dynamic Measurement and Utilization of Solar Heat

May 1877

The Sun's Radiant Energy

S. P. Langley on March 1880

On the Conservation of Solar Energy

April 1882

Sunheat and Sunlight

Henry Raymond Rogers on June 1890

Solar Radiation

December 1901

The Sun's Radiation and Its Study

Herbert T. Wade on October 1908

The Sun a Source of Power

S. P. Langley on August 1879

Printing by Solar Heat

November 1882

The Sun Motor and the Sun's Temperature

February 1884

The Sun Motor

September 1888

Solar Energy and Solar Engines

September 1907

Engine Power from Solar Heat

December 1909

Energy From The Sun

April 1936

A New Solar Power Plant

Frank C. Perkins on February 1908

Power Production from Solar Radiation

R. A. Fessenden on January 1911

Power from Sunshine

Frank Shuman on September 1911

Harnessing the Sun

John A. Sibley on June 1942

Power from the Sun

Eugene Ayres on August 1950

The Solar Battery

Gordon Raisbeck on December 1955

Progress in Solar Power

Harry Tabor on July 1956

The Photovoltaic Generation of Electricity

Bruce Chalmers on October 1976

Sunny Prospects?

E. C. on August 1988

Solar Sells

D. E. on August 1990

Hot Property

Tim Beardsley on April 1994

Heat and Light

Tim Beardsley on September 1994

More Power to Solar

More Power to Solar

George Musser on December 2005

Energy from the Sun

Carl J. Weinberg, Robert H. Williams on September 1990

A Solar Grand Plan

A Solar Grand Plan

Ken Zweibel, James Mason, Vasilis Fthenakis on January 2008

The No-Money-Down Solar Plan

Christopher Mims on December 2009

Reinventing the Leaf: Artificial Photosynthesis to Create Clean Fuel

Reinventing the Leaf: Artificial Photosynthesis to Create Clean Fuel

Antonio Regalado on October 2010

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