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Table of Contents

A Revolution in Astronomy

David A. Weintraub on January 2013

Our Solar System

Alfred Bicknell on April 1895

Companions of the Sun—I

Albert D. Watson on December 1917

Companions of the Sun—II

Albert D. Watson on December 1917

The Evolution of a Star

G. H. Darwin on November 1905

The Origin of Worlds

G. Millochau on October 1909

Cosmical Evolution

T. J. J. See on October 1910

New Theories of the Evolution of Stellar Systems

F. W. Henkel on April 1911

The Origin of the Solar System

Harold Jeffreys on September 1917

The Sun --No.1

June 1856

Our Present Knowledge of the Sun

March 1873

Our Knowledge of the Moon

March 1904

The Inter-Mercurial Planet

October 1876

Recent Observations of the Planet Mercury

Emile Guarini on November 1903

The Red God of the Sky

October 1909

The Asteroids

C. A. Young on June 1877

How we Discovered Eros

Felix Linke on November 1908

Asteroid Hunting

Henry Norris Russell on November 1928

The Planet Jupiter as Revealed by the Modern Spectroscope, Photometer, and Telescope

December 1872

The Giant of the Worlds

Camille Flammarion on October 1879

The Wonder of the Worlds

Camille Flammarion on September 1879

The Mysterious Planet Saturn

Felix Erber on September 1906

The Discovery of the Planet Neptune

November 1847

Is There a Trans-Neptunian Planet?

F. W. Henkel on May 1909

Planet X

Henry Norris Russell on July 1930

What Is a Planet?

What Is a Planet?

Steven Soter on January 2007

Another World Inhabited like our Own

May 1879

Life on Other Worlds

October 1905

Life in other Worlds

F. W. Henkel on May 1909

The Origins of Water on Earth

James F. Kasting on September 2003

How Our World Looks from Other Worlds

November 1877

The Earth as seen from other Stars

October 1880

8 Wonders of the Solar System

8 Wonders of the Solar System

Edward Bell on April 2010

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