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Table of Contents

Drawn to the Abyss

Mariette DiChristina on April 2007

The Reluctant Father of Black Holes

Jeremy Bernstein on April 2007

An Echo of Black Holes

Renaud Parentani, Theodore A. Jacobson on April 2007

Quantum Black Holes

Bernard J. Carr, Steven B. Giddings on April 2007

How to Build a Time Machine

Paul Davies on April 2007

The Brightest Explosions in the Universe

Luigi Piro, Neil Gehrels, Peter J. T. Leonard on April 2007

The Galactic Odd Couple

Kimberly Weaver on April 2007

Colossal Galactic Explosions

Gerald Cecil, Joss Bland-Hawthorn, Sylvain Veilleux on April 2007

The Midlife Crisis of the Cosmos

Amy J. Barger on April 2007

Information in the Holographic Universe

Jacob D. Bekenstein on April 2007

The illusion of Gravity

Juan Maldacena on April 2007

Black Hole Computers

Seth Lloyd,Y. Jack Ng on April 2007

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