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Race to the Sky

Linda Shiner on July 2012

Flying Machines in the Future

September 1860

Aerial Navigation

August 1893

Artificial Flight

August 1896

Aerial Navigation

November 1899

Airship or Aeroplane--Which

December 1899

The Flight of Birds Mechanically Studied

Emile Guarini on October 1903

The Bird as a Model for the Aeroplane

July 1905

Dr. S. P. Langley's Experiments in Aerodynamics

February 1892

New Flying Machine

October 1895

Practical Experiments for the Development of Human Flight

Otto Lilienthal on March 1896

The Aeroplane Flying Machine

A. M. Herring on June 1897

The "Avion"

August 1898

A New Flying Machine

June 1901

Experiments with Motor-Driven Aeroplanes

September 1903

The Failure of Langley's Aerodrome

October 1903

The Progress of Aviation Since 1891

April 1905

Langley--A Tribute

October 1908

Octave Chanute

Albert Francis Zahm on May 1911

The Montgomery Aeroplane

May 1905

The Gillespie Aeroplane

Charles B. Hayward on June 1905

The Aero Club of America's Exhibit of Aeronautical Apparatus

January 1906

The Second Annual Exhibition of the Aero Club of America

December 1906

Award of the Army Aeroplane Contracts

February 1908

The First Successful Trial of a New American Aeroplane

March 1908

Recent Aeroplanes and Airships in France

August 1906

Successful Flight of Santos Dumont's Aeroplane

November 1906

Santos Dumont's Latest Flight

November 1906

An Interesting German Flying Machine

Alfred Gradenwitz on March 1907

New French Aeroplanes

March 1907

Capt. Ferber's Aeroplane Experiments

April 1907

The Bleriot Aeroplane

May 1907

New European Aeroplanes and Airships

January 1908

Recent Foreign Aeroplanes

August 1908

Aeroplanes and Motors at the First Paris Aeronautical Salon

January 1909

The Scientific American Trophy for Flying Machines Heavier than Air

September 1907

The Farman Aeroplane Wins the Deutsch-Archdeacon Prize

January 1908

The Prize-Winning Circular Flight of the Farman Aeroplane

February 1908

The Record Flight of the Delagrange Aeroplane

May 1908

The Winning Flight of the “June Bug” Aeroplane for the Scientific American Trophy

July 1908

The Flight of the Curtiss Aeroplane for the Scientific American Trophy

July 1909

Orville Wright's Record Flights at Fort Myer

August 1909

The Flights of Rolls, De Lesseps, and Curtiss Compared

Carl Dienstbach on June 1910

Glenn Curtiss Wins the Scientific American Trophy

January 1911

Some Aeronautical Experiments

February 1902

A Successful Experiment with a Motor-drlven Aeroplane

December 1903

Retrospect of the Year 1903

January 1904

The Wright Aeroplane and Its Performances

April 1906

Genesis of the First Successful Aeroplane

December 1906

Progress of the Wright Aeroplane Experiments

May 1908

The Wright Aeroplane Test in North Carolina

May 1908

Our Aeroplane Tests at Kitty Hawk

Orville, Wilbur Wright on June 1908

Flying as a Sport--Its Possibilities

Wilbur Wright on February 1908

The Wright Brothers' Aeroplane in France and the United States

August 1908

The First Flight of the Wright Aeroplane at Fort Myer

September 1908

Lessons of the Wright Aeroplane Disaster

September 1908

The Construction of the Wright Aeroplane

September 1908

The Wright and Voisin (Farman) Flying Machines Compared

January 1909

Return of the Wright Brothers

May 1909

Completion of the Government Contract by Orville Wright at Fort Myer

August 1909

A Talk with Wilbur Wright

October 1909

Wilbur Wright

June 1912

The Legal Triumph of the Wrights, Tire Failures and Railway Speed, and more

January 1914

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