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Putting the Elements in their Places

Eric Scerri on February 2013

Laboratory—No. 1

April 1858

Developments of Chemistry

August 1861

The Spectroscope and Its Revelations

Henry Draper on July 1866

The Leverrier of Chemistry

November 1876

Recent Chemical Progress

May 1880

Chemical Science

J. H. Gladstone on October 1883

Genesis of the Elements

April 1887

An Undiscovered Gas

William Ramsay on October 1897

Discovery of New Chemical Elements

Clemens Winkler on October 1898

A Table of Atomic Weights

Theodore William Richards on November 1898

An Outline of the Progress of Chemistry in the Nineteenth Century

July 1901

An Attempt at a Chemical Conception of Universal Ether

D. I. Mendeleev on March 1904

On the Periodic Arrangement of the Elements

William Ramsay on November 1904

Chemical Progress

October 1907

Chemical Elements

H. E. Armstrong on October 1909

A Possible Extension of the Periodic Law

O. Ivan Lee on October 1910

Atomic Weights—An Historical Sketch

Joseph Samuel Hepburn on October 1910

The Elements

William Ramsay's on September 1911

The Periodic Law

Saul Dushman on January 1916

The Complexity of the Chemical Elements—I

Frederick Soddy on February 1918

The Complexity of the Chemical Elements—II

Frederick Soddy on February 1918

Search for Two Unknown Metals

March 1918

The Classification of the Chemical Elements

Ingo W. D. Hackh on March 1919

What is a Chemical Element?

Frederick Soddy on August 1919

Chemical Affinity and Atomic Valence

G. Ciamician,M. Padoa on September 1919

Seventy-Five Years of Pure Science

October 1920

Building Blocks of the Universe

B. S. Hopkins on February 1927

The Evolution of the Periodic System

Eric R. Scerri on September 1998

The New Metal Gallium

June 1878


August 1887


August 1888

The Chemistry of Osmium

April 1893

How Hafnium Was Discovered

February 1924

The Stubborn Elements

Charles W. Sheppard on April 1939

Argon and Helium

May 1895

Recent Science

August 1895

On the Position of Helium, Argon, and Krypton in the Scheme of Elements

William Crookes on August 1898

Argon and its Companions

February 1901

The Inert Constituents of the Atmosphere

April 1902

Members of the Argon Group

July 1903

Professor Lothar Meyer

July 1895

Dmitri Ivanovitch Mendeleef

March 1907

Mendeleeff's Life and Work

April 1910

Mendeleeff's Life and Work

April 1910

Sir William Ramsay

August 1916

Unscientific Scientists

January 1878

Sir William Crookes

John W. N. Sullivan on April 1919

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