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To the Ends of the Earth

Susan Solomon on January 2013

A Constant Pull

John Horgan on January 2013

The North Pole and its Seekers

October 1868

New Expeditions to the Arctic Regions

June 1871

The Latest Arctic Explorations--The Remarkable Escape of the Polaris Party

June 1873

Rescue of the Remaining Survivors of the Polaris

October 1873

The Latest Polar Expedition

December 1874

Work for Arctic Explorers

July 1875

The Coming Arctic Expeditions

May 1875

The Search for the Pole

July 1875

The British Arctic Expedition

August 1875

The British Arctic Expedition

December 1876

The Recent Arctic Expedition

January 1877

Some Suggestions for Future Polar Expeditions

February 1877

Proposed New British Polar Expedition

September 1879

To the North Pole by Balloon

July 1895

Wellman's Airship for his North Polar Expedition

July 1906

The Wellman Polar Airship Expedition

June 1907

The American Arctic Expedition

September 1878

The Peary Arctic Expedition

July 1893

Nansen's Polar Expedition

Nansen's Polar Expedition

Scientific American Staff on March 1896

The Recent Failures of Arctic Expeditions

August 1896

The Return of Lieut. Peary

September 1902

The Polar Regions

June 1904

Peary's New Ship for Work in Arctic Seas

October 1904

Peary and the North Pole

July 1905

Peary's Arctic Ship, the Roosevelt

July 1905

Peary's "Farthest North"

November 1906

Peary's Quest of the North Pole

July 1908

Peary and the North Pole

August 1909

Dr. Cook and the North Pole

September 1909

Dr. Cook's Discovery of the North Pole

September 1909

Honor to Whom Honor is Due

September 1909

Commander Peary's Discovery of the North Pole

September 1909

Retrospect of the Year 1909

January 1910

Antarctic Exploration

January 1897

The Voyage of the "Discovery"

February 1906

Antarctic Expeditions, Past and Present

November 1911

By Motor Car to the South Pole

J. S. Dunnet on October 1907

The Shackleton Antarctic Expedition

John Plummer on August 1908

Lieut. Shackleton's Antarctic Expedition

April 1909

Lieut. Shackleton, A Plea for Co-operation, A Reform in Meteorological Units

April 1910

Two Novel Motor Sleds

Walter Langford on May 1910

The Discovery of the South Pole, Object Lessons in Road Building and more

March 1912

Amundsen's Attainment of the South Pole

G. W. Littlehales on March 1912

The Scott Expedition and Its Tragic End

February 1913

To the South Pole with the Cinematograph

June 1913

The Height of the Antarctic Continent

Walter Langford on June 1910

Shackleton's South Polar Expedition

Henryk Arctowski on June 1916

Thawing Scott's Legacy

Thawing Scott's Legacy

Sarah Simpson on December 2001

Greater Glory: Why Scott Let Amundsen Win the Race to the South Pole

Greater Glory: Why Scott Let Amundsen Win the Race to the South Pole

Edward J. Larson on June 2011

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