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The Past and Future of California's Water

Peter H. Gleick on July 2014

Irrigation in California

William Hammond Hall on January 1890

Irrigation in California

October 1901

The Colorado River Closure

W. D. H. Washington on May 1907

Los Angeles’s Giant Water Scheme

December 1905

Los Angeles 200-Mile Conduit Water Supply

Day Allen Willey on June 1909

An Aqueduct Two Hundred and Forty Miles Long

Burt A. Heinly on May 1912

The New Los Angeles Water Works

William Hosea Ballou on June 1912

The Completion of the Los Angeles Aqueduct

Henry Z. Osborne on November 1913

Making the Hetch-Hetchy Dam Itself

J. F. Springer on October 1920

San Francisco's Water Supply Project

M. M. O'Shaughnessy on July 1922

Leading a River Across the Desert

Edward C. Crossman on February 1925

Transporting a River Over Mountains

Edgar Lloyd Hampton on April 1927

Building the World's Largest Aqueduct

Robert D. Speers on September 1934

Wooden Highways that Carry Rivers

Lawrence W. Pedrose on December 1928

Steel Arteries for Boulder Dam

R. G. Skerrett on October 1934

Construction of the Colorado River Aqueduct Siphons

Robert D. Speers on November 1934

Colorado River's Newest Dam

Andrew R. Boone on December 1935

High-Speed Paving For California Aqueduct

Andrew R Boone on July 1936

Shasta Dam

July 1938

Man-Made Oases in American Deserts

Elwood Mead on December 1931

To Stop Desert Encroachment

Phil Dickinson on November 1938

Finishing the All-American Canal

R. G. Skerrett on September 1937

'Water, Water, Everywhere'

Andrew R. Boone on April 1942

Parched Policy

Tim Beardsley on May 1991

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