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The Science of Monster Storms

Jeff Masters on October 2014

The Laws of Cyclones

November 1880

The Varying Power of Tornadoes and Their Frequency

April 1897

West Indian Hurricanes

September 1899

Special Report on the Galveston Hurricane of September 8, 1900

October 1900

The Work of a Western Cyclone

July 1904

Forecasting Hurricanes

March 1921

Our Worst Storm, the Tornado

W. J. Humphreys on August 1927


June 1954

The Origin of Hurricanes

August 1957


Morris Tepper on May 1958

The Tornado

John T. Snow on April 1984


August 1995

Dissecting a Hurricane

March 2000

Wind Pressures on Buildings

March 1895

Tornado Drills in Kansas

June 1897

Wind Pressures on High Buildings

August 1897

Experiments in Hurricane Modification

R. H. Simpson, Joanne S. Malkus on December 1964

Controlling Hurricanes

Controlling Hurricanes

Ross N. Hoffman on October 2004

A Better Eye on the Storm

April 2012

Drowning New Orleans

Drowning New Orleans

Mark Fischetti on October 2001

Warmer Oceans, Stronger Hurricanes

Kevin E. Trenberth on July 2007

Storm of the Century Every Two Years

June 2013

Computing Superstorm Sandy

July 2013

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