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Plant Engineers Sow Debate

Plant Engineers Sow Debate

Pamela C. Ronald on May 2014

The History of Hybridization

October 1899

New Citrus Creations of the Department of Agriculture

November 1906

Creating New Animals and Plants

W. J. Spillman on February 1911

Induced Mutations in Plants

Björn Sigurbjörnsson on January 1971

Agricultural Microbiology

Winston J. Brill on September 1981

A Vector for Introducing New Genes into Plants

Mary-Dell Chilton on June 1983

Transgenic Crops

Charles S. Gasser, Robert T. Fraley on June 1992

Making Rice Disease-Resistant

Pamela C. Ronald on November 1997

The New Trend of Invention Plant Patents

Sylvester J. Liddy on January 1933

Patenting Life

John H. Barton on March 1991

The Resources Available for Agriculture

Roger Revelle on September 1976

Strategies for Agriculture

Norman J. Rosenberg, Pierre R. Crosson on September 1989

Back to the Future of Cereals

Stephen A. Goff and John M. Salmeron on August 2004

Sowing a Gene Revolution

Terri Raney,Prabhu Pingali on September 2007

Seeds of Concern

Kathryn Brown on December 2006

The Truth about Genetically Modified Food

The Truth about Genetically Modified Food

David H. Freedman on September 2013

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The Birth of the Great GMO DebateToday virtually everything we eat is produced from seeds that have been genetically altered in some way. New methods of plant tinkering have emerged over the generations— and so, too, have the fears

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