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What's Next for the Automobile?

John DeCicco on January 2015

The American Automobile

January 1903

What is the Selden Patent?

Charles B. Haywood on March 1909

The Modern Electric Automobile

Emil Gruenfeldt on January 1910

The Motor Car and the Road

Logan Waller Page on January 1910

The Middle West and the Automobile Industry

Alfred Reeves on January 1910

What the Motor Vehicle is Doing for the Farmer

Walter Langford on January 1910

The Blind Spot

Edna B. Dayton, M.D. on

Saving the Motorist from Himself

H. W. Slauson on August 1925

The Role of the Automobile

Walter P. Chrysler on February 1937

The Crashworthiness of Automobiles

Patrick M. Miller on February 1973

The History of the Airflow Car

Howard S. Irwin on August 1977

The Electric Automobile

George A. Hoffman on October 1966

The Origin of the Automobile Engine

Lynwood Bryant on March 1967

The Fuel Consumption of Automobiles

John R. Pierce on January 1975

The Case for Methanol

Charles L. Gray Jr., Jeffrey A. Alson on November 1989

The Case for Electric Vehicles

Daniel Sperling on November 1996

The Fuel Economy of Light Vehicles

Charles L. Gray, Frank von Hippel on May 1981

Improving Automotive Efficiency

John DeCicco, Marc Ross on December 1994

Measuring the Energy Drain on your Car

Marc Ross, John DeCicco on December 1994

Hybrid Vehicles Gain Traction

Joseph J. Romm and Andrew A. Frank on April 2006

Better Mileage Now--Improving the Combustion Engine

Better Mileage Now--Improving the Combustion Engine

Ben Knight on February 2010

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