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The Constant Retainer

Hudsons' Bay Company

The Organs of Perspiration

National Association of Inventors

Patent Agency


  • Departments


  • Winter and Want

  • Variety

  • Curious Arts

  • Science of Mechanics

  • The Art of Painting

  • New Inventions

  • Complaints of the Poor

  • Galvanism

  • Literary Notices

  • Rise in your Native Strength

  • Traditions of Nations

  • The Pearl of Great Price

  • Allen Street

  • New And Sterling Works

  • Locke's Portable Shower Bath

  • Valuable and Important Publications

  • Marshall's Troy Shirt Depot

  • General Agents

  • Just Published a New Edition of the Business Man's Guide and Legal Companion

  • Lap-welded Boiler Flues

  • John Brown Carpenter and Printer's Joiner

  • Johnson's Dining Saloon

  • Cummington Quinebaug Scythe Stones

  • Farnam's Patent Hydraulics

  • Galvanic Rings and Magnetic Fluid

  • Engraving on Wood

  • Book for Mechanics

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January 15, 1846

Confronting Common Wisdom