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The Viol Seraphine

Modes of Raising Ponderous Articles

Information to Persons Having Business to Transact at the Patent Office

Robert Fulton

The Harbor of Havana


The Eureka or Journal of The National Association of Inventors


  • From the Editor

    Introduction to Volume II

  • Departments

    Giving Credit

  • Prussian Music

  • Polite Preaching

  • An Eclipse in Arabia

  • Philosophy

  • Nature's Image of Washington

  • The Bowie Knife and Its Inventor

  • Forests and Streams

  • Sageisms

  • The Deerfield (N. H.) Phenomena

  • Pure Air

  • The Pope's Will

  • Diversification of Language

  • How Very Hot It Is

  • As Good as Cash

  • In Preparation

  • A Mountain in Labor

  • Keep that Testament in Your Vest Pocket, over Your Heart.

  • California Farming

  • Temperance in the Army

  • Extraordinary Instance of Gambling

  • Gen. Taylor's Patriotism

  • A Strong Position

  • The Columbian Magazine

  • Improved Railroad

  • Cool Forethought

  • It May be so

  • A Remarkable Mineral Spring

  • A simple Cheese-Press

  • To render Shingles Durable

  • Electro-Magnetic Boat

  • Improvement in Blacksmiths Forges

  • Improvement in Boats

  • Best Plan of a Barn

  • Improved Fire Engine

  • Steering Apparatus

  • Cast Iron Roofing

  • New Shingle Machine

  • Casting Iron Cannon by a Galvanic Process

  • Howe's Sewing Machine

  • The New and Wonderful Pavement

  • Advantage of Low Fares

  • Information Wanted

  • The Scientific American

  • Deerfield Bridge

  • Railroad Intelligence

  • Trade to Santa Fe

  • Advertising in London

  • The Magnetic Telegraph

  • Arrival of The Cambria

  • Avalon Railroad Iron

  • The Mexican War

  • Sol. Smith

  • A Very Long Nose

  • Reforming

  • A Profitable Hoax

  • Importance of Humility

  • Right Side Up

  • All is not Gold that Glitters

  • The Ball of the Bears

  • Communication on Atmospheric Resistance

  • Painting in Imitation of Rose-Wood

  • India Rubber

  • The New York Scientific American

  • Bagley's Gold Pens

  • The Humming Bird

  • The Conical Windlass

  • Requisite Strength of Steam Boilers

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September 26, 1846