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Barnum's Safety Apparatus

Improved Steam Printing Press

Animalculae in Water

Proposition of a new Patent Law

Mule Boats

Ornamental Kites


  • Departments

    True Policy

  • A Piggish Parvenue

  • Good Advice

  • Power of Imagination

  • Old Bachelors

  • The New Roman Road

  • Literary Emporium

  • Hard Climbing

  • Wanting Workmen back Again

  • Oregon Currency

  • Great Luck

  • Wellman's Illustrated Botany

  • A Provoking Blunder

  • Old Boy

  • Marriage of Rossini

  • Female Piety

  • The True Ornament

  • The Credit System

  • Fatal Deer Fight

  • Charcoal Road

  • Quick Work

  • A Delicate Compliment

  • Musical

  • Curious Needlework

  • A Monstrous Woman

  • Zinc Mines

  • A Rich Ore

  • Suffering by Success

  • Singular Accident

  • Iron Ore

  • Combined Accomplishments

  • Information to Persons having Business to Transact at the Patent Office

  • Improvement in the Railroad Truck

  • Improved Yoke for Oxen

  • Iron Shingles

  • Consolation for the Christian

  • Another Improvement in Stoves

  • Lewis's Reversible Faucet Filters

  • West's Cheap and Convenient Filter

  • The Vertical Propeller

  • Railroad Locks

  • Marble Saw Mills

  • The Color Printing Machine

  • A New Brick Machine

  • Ocean Steam Navigation

  • A Great Astronomical Discovery

  • Result of Observation

  • Latest from the Army

  • The Sea and Wave Roaring

  • An American Slave in England

  • New Glass Factory

  • Late Foreign News

  • The Science of Astronomy

  • The Editor

  • That Editorial Committee

  • A Mountain in Labor

  • Employment

  • News by Telegraph

  • Length of Days

  • Trusting too Long

  • To my Sweetheart

  • Excitement of Curiosity

  • Business Stand

  • Plain Directions

  • Observations on the More Recent Researches Concerning the Operations of the Blast Furnace in the Manufacture of Iron

  • Homogeneous

  • Boys and Men

  • A Receipt to make Peach Wine

  • Skate Runners

  • Rochester Edge Tools in England

  • Pumping the Water out of Lake Michigan

  • New Paper Mill

  • The Self-Regulatlng Ventilator

  • An Animal Curiosity

  • New Mill at Lowell

  • A Novel Enterprise

  • Discovery of Glass

  • Machine Shop

  • Labor to Make a Watch

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