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Fitch's Steamboat

Information to Persons having Business to Transact at the Patent Office

Artesian Wells to London

Hammond's Improved Paddle Wheel


  • Departments

    Temporary Humility

  • Slaves in China

  • Singular National Habit

  • Buying a Shot

  • A General Evaporation

  • Worthy of Women

  • Enormous Trees

  • Southern Railroad

  • Attleboro' and Pawtucket Railroad

  • Another Railroad Improvement

  • Perpetual Motion

  • An Extraordinary Meteor

  • New York and Erie Railroad

  • Trinity Church

  • Syracuse and Utica Railroad

  • An Old House

  • Fremont Corn

  • Don't Split the Church

  • Railroads in Germany

  • It

  • Harlem Railroad

  • Price of News in England

  • Norwich and Worcester Railroad

  • Whitehall and Saratoga Railroad

  • Walpole Branch

  • The new Pope

  • Crooked

  • Concord and Lowell Railroad

  • Boston and Maine Railroads

  • Uniting Railroads

  • The Ship Constitution--Old Ironsides

  • Boston and Fall River

  • Nothing at all

  • New York and New Haven Railroad

  • Love, Joy, Peace

  • Self-Manuvering Cannon

  • You can't Stop 'em

  • The Great Fair

  • Give no Pain

  • The Glory of all Lands

  • The Christian

  • Luxton's Portable Swing

  • Improved Hemp-breaking Machine

  • Water Burning for Illumination

  • Mechanical Movement

  • Economy in Fuel

  • Another Brick Machine

  • New Inventions

  • Greig's Improvement in Clocks

  • Firing of the Great Cannon

  • Machine for Turning the Heads of Wood Screws

  • Otis's Patent Mortising Machine

  • A French Invention

  • The Countersink Bit

  • Machine for Fencing and Ditching at One Operation

  • Wrought Iron Pipes

  • White's Fountain Pen

  • Dr. Lewis's Improvements

  • Motion of Cutting Tools

  • Allen on the Bee

  • Jumping Off

  • Speculation

  • Relative Expense of Steam at Different Temperatures

  • A Terrific Descent

  • Exciting News from Monterey

  • Philosophy of Water

  • An Example of Penitence

  • A Young Silk Factory

  • Cutting and Curling

  • Observations on the more Recent Researches Concerning the Operations of the Blast Furnace in the Manufacture of Iron

  • Unexpected Fun

  • Gen. Hamilton and the Juggler

  • Jaw Crackers

  • Coolness under Fire

  • Illustration of Colors

  • Wind Watermills in Holland

  • Manufacture of Gun Flints

  • Air and Air-Guns

  • A Railroad Hint

  • Polishing Diamonds

  • Next What?

  • India Rubber Floats

  • Chicken Machine

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