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Howell's Tanning Machine

How Very Long

Improved Carriage Steps

Matthews' Parallel Chain Vice


  • Departments

    The Fashionable Lady's Prayer

  • A Strange Mistake

  • California Farming

  • Phrenology

  • Third Growth of Pears

  • A Distressing Circumstance

  • The Late Storm

  • The Earth

  • Postage

  • Much Deceived

  • Deepest Artesian Well in the World

  • The Town of Monterey

  • The Dial of Time

  • Snow Storm at Buffalo

  • Treasure Found

  • A Bursted Cloud

  • Immense Emigration to the West

  • Hired Help

  • Ship Railroad

  • Go it while you're young

  • New mode of Pen-making

  • Effect of Vegetable Diet

  • Low and High Water

  • The Teetotal Mechanic

  • Humanity Triumphant

  • Runaway Slaves

  • New Mode of Advertising

  • Education

  • A Poor Woman's Eloquence

  • Diseased Turnips

  • An Oversight

  • The Indians in Texas

  • Printing 3000 years ago

  • Old Dover to the Young Dovers

  • Died for Joy

  • Large Railway Train

  • Lake Ontario

  • Pittsburgh and Connellsville Railroad

  • Michigan Central Railroad

  • Atlantic and St. Lawrence Railroad

  • The Ten Tribes

  • From Lake Superior to the Mississipi

  • Worcester and Nashua Railroad

  • The Northern Railroad

  • Information to persons having business to transact at the Patent Office

  • India Rubber Camels

  • Improved Lanterns for destroying Insects

  • Improvement in the Piano Forte

  • Horse-Shoe Nail making Machine

  • Extraordinary Discovery

  • A very Valuable Invention

  • Improvement in Cooking Stoves

  • Improvement in Warming Cars

  • Improved Windlass for Wells

  • Improvement in Fire Engines

  • Improved Mould for Castings

  • Swelled Rails and Concave Tires

  • New Inventions

  • Submarine Travelling

  • Influence of Rail Roads on the Weather

  • Water Power

  • News from Oregon

  • Invasion of Tampico

  • National Association of Inventors

  • The Steamer Isaac Newton

  • Important from Mexico

  • The Ship New World

  • Observations on the More Recent Researches Concerning the Operations of the Blast Furnace in the Manufacture of Iron

  • National Boasting

  • Murdering Language

  • Making American Citizens

  • Great Curiosities

  • A flourishing town in England

  • Lectures to Office Seekers

  • Ingenious Device

  • A Touching Scene

  • To Correspondents

  • Astral Chronometers

  • Proclamation of Commodore Sloat

  • Western Steamboats

  • A Coach under Sail

  • An Extensive Factory

  • Interesting Items in History

  • English Railroads

  • Insects

  • Terrifying Rats

  • Preserving Timber

  • New Method of Blasting Rocks with Gunpowder

  • A Fig Orchard

  • Power of the Telegraph

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Dwindling Supply. Increasing Demand.

Dwindling Supply. Increasing Demand.

Solving the Water Crisis