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Otis's Mortising Machine

Wreck of the Steamship Great Britain


  • Departments

    God Bless the Honest Laborer!

  • The Eldest Daughter

  • Origin of the Upas Tree Story

  • False Pretences

  • Benefit of Clergy

  • Capital Punishment

  • Very Liberal

  • An American Citizen Demanded by the Autocrat

  • Ragged Schools

  • Girard College

  • Eruption of Mount Hecla

  • Curing Potatoes

  • Splendid Hotel

  • To Correspondents

  • The Grand Aeolichord

  • Snoring

  • Negative Goodness

  • The Miser

  • Second Class Cars

  • Literary Music

  • Oh, what a Joke

  • Strength vs. the Galvanic Battery

  • Information to Persons having Business to transact at the Patent Office

  • To my Blithsome Sister

  • A Music Critic

  • To Ascertain the True Bevel for Geer Wheels

  • Another Castle in the Air

  • Stage Coaches Superseded

  • New Inventions

  • A Self-Acting Press

  • New Blind Adjustor

  • The Magnetic Variation Compass

  • The Fools who look forward

  • Mesmerism Defeated

  • An Old Legislator

  • Married in the Street

  • News by Lighting

  • Magnetic Telegraph

  • A New Coal Mine

  • The Distance to the Sun

  • Increase of Crime

  • General Thanksgiving

  • The Columbian Magazine

  • General Taylor's Portrait

  • Camp Crockett

  • The Oregon Territory

  • Taking it Easy

  • Great Fire at Columbus, Georgia

  • The Great Fair

  • The Science of Astronomy

  • First Sight of a Horse

  • Graham's Magazine

  • Western Railroads

  • Railroad Direct between New York and Boston

  • Late from Mexico

  • Macon and Western Road

  • Pittsfield and North Adams Road

  • Baltimore and Ohio Railroad

  • Baltimore and Cuba Copper Smelting Furnace

  • The Fly Wheel

  • Fact in Philosophy

  • Artificial Fireworks in Miniature

  • Velocity of a Cannon Ball or Shot

  • A Transplanted Tree

  • Preserving Telegraph Wires

  • Incombustible Wood

  • Copying Letters

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