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Election in New Mexico

The Colors of Light

A List of Patents

Voting in Legislative Assemblies

New York Post Office


  • Departments

    Parody on the Star-Spangled Banner

  • Directions to a Painter

  • A Strange Animal

  • The Grand Æolichord

  • Carolina Sugar

  • Rising by Gradation

  • Mammoth Pumpkin

  • Dalias's Night Cap

  • Improvement in Steam Pistons

  • Come Away

  • Power of Music

  • A Revolution in Cotton Planting

  • Wood Fuel

  • Kind Words

  • In Less than no Time

  • Curing Measles

  • Artificial Stone Pavements

  • Vermont Plowman

  • The Election

  • Enterprise at Pittsburgh

  • Telegraph South

  • Another Mammoth Cave

  • New England Vessels

  • The Great Cedar

  • A Healthy Town

  • Pennington's Ærial

  • Improvement in Straw Cutters

  • New Planing Machine

  • Mammoth Engines

  • Rotary Steam Engine

  • Improved mode of Voting

  • Taylor's Marine Camels

  • New Printing Press

  • Overdone

  • Learning in Old Age

  • Manufacture of Iron

  • The Cabotville Bridge

  • Deep Distress

  • Cross Marriages

  • The Ten Hour System

  • Interesting Facts

  • Remarkable Circumstance

  • Mechanics for the War

  • That Pedler

  • Very Dead

  • Four Days Later from New York

  • Southern Sentiments of Economy

  • Canal at the Florida Isthmus

  • The Marriage Dissolved

  • James Watt's Boyhood

  • New Route to Oregon

  • The Eastern Telegraph

  • Modern Honesty

  • The Iron Ship

  • Modern Curiosities

  • The Biter Bitten

  • Captain Smith's Bear Story

  • Information to Persons having Business to Transact at the Patent Office

  • Singular Superscription

  • The War

  • New Sun Dial

  • Our Next Number

  • Latest from Europe

  • Fine Spinning

  • Late from the Army

  • Gen. Taylor's Movements

  • The Chess Palladium and Mathematical Sphinx

  • Spring Cars for Railroads

  • The Olive Branch

  • Composition for Rendering Cloth Waterproof

  • Curious Trees and Plants

  • Ole Bull's Fiddle

  • Examples of Modern Syntax

  • A Remarkable Fact

  • Wire Bridges in Switzerland

  • Tarantulas

  • The Magnetic Telegraph

  • Sconbein's Explosive Cotton

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