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On Using Steam Expansively

The Saviour as a Mechanic

Glass Staining


  • Departments

    Three Peeks of Snakes!

  • A Cruel Pun

  • An Old Story New-Vamped

  • Plumb and Level Indicator

  • The Gentleman's Wife

  • The Charcoal Men

  • Cataract Cave, Scobarle, N. Y

  • Great Paper Ware-House Burned

  • Egypt and America

  • Balloon

  • The Pennsylvania Railroad

  • New York and New-Haven Rail Road

  • Sullivan Railroad

  • War Movements

  • Is it Good to be Angry

  • Rutland vt. Railroad

  • The Portland Depot

  • Sleighing in Maine

  • How they do things in Tennessee

  • General Worth

  • Is Your Name Chase

  • Erie Railroad

  • Iron Mountain

  • Railroads in Germany

  • The Mysterious Stranger

  • Inproved Boot-Jack

  • Very Negative

  • Late from Europe

  • Emigration

  • Central Railroad in Michigan

  • A Candle-Making Candlestick

  • Utica and Sehenectady Railroad

  • Hartford and Springfield Railway

  • Americans Welcome in Mexico

  • To Correspondents

  • Washington Monument

  • A Leaf from the Life of a Criminal

  • Curved-Float, Re-action Water-wheel

  • Attachment to the World

  • An Infidel's Death Bed

  • Improvement in Saw Mills

  • Royal Presents

  • Manufacture of Gas

  • Improvement in the Telegraph

  • Jollies' Improved Music Stand

  • Preparation of Gun Cotton

  • Manufacture of Steel

  • Improvement in Steam Engines

  • A Dead Letter

  • The City of Boston

  • The Scriptures in Franee

  • To New Subscribers

  • The New Planet

  • Mechanics' Journal

  • Scientific Ignorance

  • Interesting to Inventor

  • Mechanics' Advocate

  • Mechanical Papers

  • We are all Producers

  • John Murray

  • Machine for Measuring Velocity of Railway Trains

  • Chemistry

  • Electricity of Human Bodies

  • The Autumnal Gales

  • The Watch

  • Arches

  • Wooden Gun Powder

  • Chemical Experiments with Metals

  • A Cheap Fuel

  • Scientific American

  • Preservation of Fruits by Carbonic Acid Gas

  • Safety Letter Box

  • Oil of Roses

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