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Electrical Drummond Light

Discovery of Steam Power

The Effects of the Introduction of Mechanical Improvements

Foreign Correspondence


  • Departments

    Did His Best

  • The Prairie

  • Monkeys

  • A Peaceable Regiment

  • Hair-breadth Escape

  • The Bear and the Tea-kettle

  • Clever Retort

  • A Post Office on Wheels

  • Snow

  • A Dangerous Bridge

  • Brisk Business

  • Essex County Constellation

  • Croton Water Proceeds

  • Demand for Iron in England

  • Military Wings

  • Mr. Calhoun's Speech

  • Manifestation of Respect

  • The Blockade

  • A Great Bridge

  • Late from Mexico

  • Mount Etna

  • Snow in Maine

  • New and Valuable Books

  • A Fool and his Money, &c

  • Cold on the Prairies

  • Recent Fires

  • Lake Superior Copper

  • Iron Ore in North Adams

  • Ingenious Mechanism

  • Worcester

  • Incident of the Freshet at Dayton

  • Burlington (Vt) and Ogdensburg

  • The Canada Railroad

  • Providence and Worcester Railroad

  • Hudson River Railroad

  • Battle of Waterloo

  • Essex (Mass) Railroad

  • Peterboro (Mass) Railroad

  • Concord N. H. Railroad

  • Meteorie Observations

  • Baltimore and Ohio Railroad

  • A Volcano at Work

  • Kennebec Railroad

  • The Swan Fountain

  • Fitchburg Railroad

  • Revolving Railroad Gripper

  • A Good Night's Business

  • Marble Castings

  • New Rotary Steam Engine

  • Improved Carriage Spring

  • Stetson's Transplanter

  • Iron and Coal

  • To New Subscribers

  • Curious Electro-Magnetic Phenomena

  • The Western Telegraph Company

  • The Two Railroad Projects Compared

  • Ranlet's Architect

  • Wind of a Ball

  • Safety of Railroads

  • Railroad to Albany

  • What does it Mean?

  • To Correspondents

  • Indians in Mexico

  • The Oyster Mail

  • The Fortunes of an Apprentice

  • Gun Tow Applied to Blasting

  • Construction of Oxy-Hydrogen Blowpipe

  • Glass Water Pipes

  • The Farmer's Water Power

  • Discovery of Mezzotinto

  • Chemical Tests

  • Electricity vs the Harpers

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