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Ashwell's Revolving Boiler


  • Departments

    Improvement in Etiquette

  • I Love a Laugh

  • Fashionable Infirmities

  • Too Rich by Half

  • List of Patents

  • Words of Cheer

  • To Young Men

  • The Young Prussian

  • Capt. Kidd's Treasure Found!

  • Army News

  • Recent Fires

  • Alleviatory Consideration

  • Effects of the Famine

  • New Works

  • Jumble

  • J. B. Gough

  • The Illuminated Sun

  • A Seene, not in the Bills

  • A Curious Spring

  • The Telegraph Lines

  • The Astor House

  • Reprehensible if True

  • The Emperor Alexander

  • Lightning

  • Pretty Well Up

  • The Song of Spring

  • Austin's Perpetual Motion

  • Remarks

  • The Weather, &c.

  • Improvement in Axles

  • Game in Maine

  • Fitzgerald's Cannon

  • Dodge's Improved Boiler

  • Improvements in the Steam Engine by Dr. Haycraft

  • Important Discovery

  • Combination Table

  • To New Subscribers

  • The Atlantic Dock at Brooklyn

  • Grafting Fruit Trees

  • Extraordinary Arrest

  • The Scientific American

  • An Ingenious Thief

  • A Splendid Periodical

  • Powder Mill Explosion

  • Great Bridge

  • Extraordinary Adiposeration

  • Astronomical.--Another Planet

  • Scientific Exchanges

  • To Correspondents

  • Foreign Correspondence

  • Bagley's Patent Extension Penholder and Pencil

  • Simple Mode of Printing

  • Scientific American

  • The Sense of Touch

  • Baby Jumpers!

  • The Swan Fountain

  • Improvements in the Construction and Supply of the Hydro-Oxygen Blowpipe

  • The Force of Expansion

  • To Remove Stains from Ivory

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