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Kissing, No Robbery

Anecdote of a Story Teller

The Latest Trick

Singular Incident

Ayer's Improved Boiler

The Widow's Complaint

A Grateful Woman

Save Him the Trouble

List of Patents

Taking the Census

Gen. Scott's Movements

Romance Defeated

More Cases of Adipocere

Wear a Smile

The War in Mexico

Rather Top Heavy

Graceful Compliment

The Telegraph in England

Affecting Incident

Goodyear's Ware

Adopting Children

The Battle of Buena Vista


Address of the Governor of San Luis Potosi to the Mexican People

A Good Man

Pigeon Express

Mischievous Mice

Cheap Fares

The Hanging System

History of Architecture

Brothers, On

The Weather, &C

The Moon

The Brave Boy

The Begging Business

Horrid Cruelty

The Pictured Rocks


Patent Tidal Wheel Company

Improved Mill

Townsend's Improvements

Self Adjusting Tail-Block

Raised Metal-Plate Letters

New Glass

An Improvement in the Electric Telegraph

Pitchfork Machine

New Bank Lock

Glass Coffins

Brilliant Sign-Letters

The Rain Guage

The Missing Stars

Large Iron Shafts

The Massachusetts License Law

Sulphuric Ether

Great Iron Bridge for the Neva, Built at Liverpool

To New Subscribers

The Infernal Traffic

The Scientific American

Extraordinary Steam Hammer

Common Sense Condensed

Telegraphic Phenomena

Boston vs. New York

Peg Factory

Austin's Perpetual Motion

Not so Bad

Ancient Baths

Santa Cruz, West Indies

Giants of Olden Time

Embellishing a Story

First Volume

Culture of the Whortleberry

The New York Scientific American

The Feet and Its Coverings

Blanchard's Lathe for Turning Irregular Forms

Improvement in the Pin Manufacture

Fingers vs Rings

Culture of the Rose


  • Letters

    Foreign Correspondence

  • To Correspondents

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